Career Focussed

Career Focussed

The Career Focussed Programs are designed to deliver exposure and training in specific disciplines, and consists of workshops and expert interactions of students’ choice. All the programs are conducted at globally renowned institutions by certified trainers and are sure to enhance the profile and skill-set of the student


 Get an in-depth tour of the famous Wall Street, learn about trade and entrepreneurship, understand the financial crisis of 2008 and discuss international political affairs, take a tour of some of the most famous universities in the world! Immerse yourself into the world of Finance.

Locations:  New York and Boston

Type: Focused Program – Finance and Entrepreneurship

Careers:  Entrepreneur, International Trade Specialist, Investment Banker, Political Affairs Officer, Production Designer, Actor.

Subjects:  Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Politics, History, Culture, Environmental Science


Understand how humans are affecting the Great Barrier Reef, Learn about Cultural Sustainability, Try your hand at Organic Farming and learn about ecology of a rainforest. Explore the best of flora and fauna at Australia.

Location: Cairns

Type: Focussed Program (Sustainability and Service)

Careers Marine biologist, Wildlife manager, Environmental scientist, horticulture scientist, botanist, Climate change specialist, Arboricultarist, organic farmer, animal technician etc..

Subjects:  Science, Marine Life, History, Environment & Ecology, Culture, Wildlife, Ecology.


Get an overview of “Renewable Energy”, Learn about the different types Solar Energy, Visit renewable energy plants, and understand about hydro and ocean energy through various lectures and practical experiences. Explore and immerse yourself in renewable energy at Africa!

Location: Cape Town

Type: Focused Program (Sustainability and Service)

Careers: Environmental scientist, Climate change specialist, Environmental Engineer, Hydrologist, Energy Conservation Officer etc…

Subjects:  Science, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Wind Energy, Solar Energy.


Stay in a mock-up space station, Learn about Shuttle missions, Experience what it is like to be in Space, Understand weightlessness in Space, Interact with experts, and learn how to design a rocket! Explore the field of Space Science at US!

Location: Huntsville, Washington, New York

Type: Focussed Program (Space Science)

Careers: Aerospace Engineer, Space Scientist, Spacecraft Engineers, Computer Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Historian, Actor,

Subjects:  Space Science, Aerospace Engineering, Theatre, Advertising, History, Heritage Management, Computer Engineering etc..